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The Authors

Bianca Ukah
Kamiesha Anderson-Wieder
Binky The Mermaid Authors

Bianca Ukah was born in Alpharetta Georgia. Today, she resides in Coconut Creek Florida. Her Hobbies include singing, dancing, and acting but, above all, she has an insatiable appetite for playing in the ocean. Hence, her mom decided to enroll her into the local British Swim School. To say that she was totally in her element while at that institution would be a gross understatement. She absolutely crushed it! Her transition from a kid that refused to swim without goggles because of fear of getting water in her eyes, to an absolute natural was swift and truly remarkable. With help from instructors and unwavering support from family, she mastered the art of swimming, garnering increased levels of proficiency and speed in an extremely limited span of time. Consequently, she was affectionately labeled Binky The Mermaid.

One day after swimming lessons during the fall of 2017, she approached her mom and requested assistance with writing a book about her aquatic experiences. Although she was barely four years old at the time, her leadership, resolve, and foresight gave life to the motivation for this project. She left her mom with no choice but to follow her well-defined lead. The rest is history.


Kamiesha Anderson was born in Trelawny, Jamaica. She migrated to the United States in 2001. Currently, she lives in Coconut Creek Florida with her husband Ron, and daughters Brianna and Bianca. Kamiesha hails from modest beginnings. Today she works in Real Estate. Faith, family, and friends are at the top of her list of priorities. Additionally, she has a strong penchant for movies and spending time at the beach.

She asserted the following; “Before Bianca approached me for help, had me convinced, and signed up for this project, writing a novel was not even a remote dream. Bianca’s brilliance in concert with her dedication compelled me to dig deep and in the end, writing Binky The Mermaid, The Fin-Tastic Race with my baby girl was an exceptionally rewarding experience!”

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